How To Get To Phong Nha From Da Nang

How To Go To Phong Nha From Da Nang - Phong Nha Private Car


Da Nang and Phong Nha are two popular destinations for visitors to Vietnam. Thus, the route from Da Nang to Phong Nha is usually in high demand.

Da Nang City, with a breakneck growth in tourism, has attracted millions of tourists for years. You must hear of the Golden Bridge with giant hands, the Dragon Bridge with breathing fire shows, and the whole complex of Ba Na Hills with endless attractions.

Golden Bridge Da Nang - Phong Nha Private Car

Equally important, Phong Nha hides an infinite charm with the unspoiled nature of mountains, jungles, rivers, and especially caves. For nature lovers and adventure seekers, Phong Nha-Ke Bang is a promised land with diverse wilderness. Swimming in refreshing rivers, trekking in unknown jungles, and discovering unique caves are among the top highlights for many visitors to Phong Nha.

Phong Nha Ke Bang Quang Binh - Phong Nha Private Car

So, how can you get a convenient, comfortable, and safe transfer to Phong Nha from Da Nang? Many vehicles are available, from private cars, and buses to trains and flights. Yet, among them, many highly recommend private car trips, which can meet almost every need of travelers.

In this blog, we mainly introduce you to the Da Nang to Phong Nha private car transfer and make some suggestions about other transportation.

Private Car Transfer From Da Nang To Phong Nha

Are you in Danang and about to visit Phong Nha? But do you want an exciting trip with sightseeing instead of tedious direct transfers? Phong Nha Private Car highly recommends you choose our Da Nang To Phong Nha By Private Car.

Da Nang to Phong Nha private car - Phong Nha Private Car

So why should you choose us?

We offer a door-to-door transfer with modern cars with good amenities from comfy seats and strong A/Cs to free Wi-Fi and optional baby seats. The clean and brand-new car will give you a pleasant private space through the 6-hour trip.

We guarantee to arrange a helpful companion for you – an experienced and friendly driver with basic English communication skills. With over 5 years of experience, any member of our driver team can ensure top safety and satisfaction for you.

Private car to Phong Nha From Da Nang - Phong Nha Private Car

A special feature of our private car trip is its flexibility in time, location, and itinerary. Indeed, our drivers can pick you up at any time, even in the early morning, as long as it’s convenient for you. Also, you can choose your preferred drop-off location in Phong Nha.

You can choose direct transfer or stops by popular attractions on the way. Just tell us where you want to stop and our travel experts will build up a suitable itinerary for your trip. It’s like a tour but at only private car prices. Besides, in case you haven’t decided where to stop on the way, refer to suggestions in the next part.

If you would like a private car trip, you can make a booking by filling in the Booking Form on the link above. Or you can directly contact us via email at or WhatsApp at +84349825119.

Where To Visit On The Way From Danang to Phong Nha?

Along the way from Da Nang to Phong Nha, you will have the opportunity to visit some famous tourist destinations in Danang, Hue, and Quang Tri.

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass, or Ocean Cloud Pass, is an exciting place to drop by between Da Nang and Hue. As its name evokes, it is one of the most scenic hillside roads in Vietnam. This 21-kilometer-long mountain pass is located on National Route 1A in Vietnam, facing the vast East Sea.

Hai Van Pass - Phong Nha Private Car

Thanks to its massive range and favorable location, Hai Van Pass gives travelers impressive views. Going along the steep winding roads of this paved mountain pass is a golden chance to admire the dream-like landscape. Thus, although it is considered the “top gear route”, many people want to conquer this scenery.

Hue City

One can understand Hue’s vibes by the ever names people call it: “poetic Hue”, “dreamy and romantic Hue”, or “the city of World Heritages”. Indeed, no visitors to Hue could ignore its ancient beauty, pleasant tranquility, and pure romance. These features are built upon splendid historic monuments, gentle nature, and genuine people.

Hue City - Phong Nha Private Car

As you may know, Hue was the latest imperial capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty (from the 17th to 19th century). If you take a cruise along the Perfume River, have Hue’s special cuisine, and listen to Nha Nhac Royal Music, you’ll feel real picturesque views of this natural, classical, and mysterious city.

Some attractions you might want to visit: Hue Imperial City, Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue Royal Tombs, Dong Ba Market, Truong Tien Bridge, and Perfume River.

La Vang Church

La Vang Church, or La Vang Holy Land, is an important pilgrimage for Vietnamese Catholics. It is highlighted by the Shrine of Our Lady of La Vang (Mother Maria). As legend said, this place was established to worship Mother Maria, who saved Catholics from illness.

The legend about this place starts with some Catholics, who sought refuge in the rainforests of La Vang in Quang Tri, Vietnam. Meanwhile, many of them became very ill. Every night, they gathered at the foot of a tree to pray. One night, in 1798, among the branches of that tree appeared Mother Maria. She was wearing the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai and holding a child in her arms, with two angels beside her.

La Vang Church - Phong Nha Private Car

Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River

Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River are two important witnesses of the war in Vietnam. From 1954 to the Reunification, Hien Luong Bridge over the Ben Hai River was once used as a border to separate the North and the South of Vietnam. Thus, it was a crucial spot in the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).

Hien Luong Bridge Quang Tri - Phong Nha Private Car

Nowadays, it is maintained as a major national memorial monument for the reunification of Vietnam. Also, there’s a museum, propaganda war remnants, and two memorials.

Vinh Moc Tunnels

Vinh Moc Tunnels in Quang Tri is another must-see attraction that many tourists want to drop by. In brief, it is an underground miniaturized village, which accommodated hundreds of Vietnamese during the cruel war.

Vinh Moc Tunnels - Phong Nha Private Car

Deep beneath the dark earth, hidden from screeching bombers and harboring desperate soldiers, Quang Tri people lived for many years in the now famous Vinh Moc Tunnels. With enormous value to Vietnamese history, it is considered the largest historical tunnel in the DMZ of Vietnam.

Other Transport From Da Nang To Phong Nha

By Bus

Buses from Da Nang to Phong Nha are very affordable with the lowest price being 12 USD/trip. While saving some money for your budget, you can get a decent trip with soft seats or sleeper seats, A/Cs, toilets, and sometimes free Wi-Fi. You can also watch the scenery passing by over the bus windows.

Bus To Phong Nha From Da Nang - Phong Nha Private Car

However, the frequency of unsatisfactory trips is quite high. Sometimes, you might meet careless bus drivers with fast speeds. Plus, you have to share your trip with many people, sometimes it’s overloaded. And obviously, you must follow their itineraries, which are not fixed and delayed. Also, usually, you will be quite confused as they do not speak English.

If you want to go on a bus trip, we recommend some bus brands, such as Hung Thanh Bus, Camel Bus, or Queen Cafe Bus. You should check their information carefully because their schedules and pick-up locations are not fixed.

By Train

Going to Phong Nha from Danang by train is a fine option with reasonable prices. The prices depend on the schedule and train class, which range from 10 USD up. Certainly, the more expensive a trip is, the better its facilities and service are.

The train quality varies a lot, depending on the ticket you book. It might have soft seats or even sleeper seats, strong A/Cs, comfortable space, and decent toilets. Or else, it might only have seats, fans, packed crowds, and be in old and dirty conditions.

We highly suggest you book online tickets in advance as they’re usually sold out before your preferred departure day.

By Flight

A trip by airplane is a good choice thanks to its high-quality services, facilities, and fast speed. Yet, it’s quite expensive, from 112 USD up. Besides the long time for check-in, sometimes you might be caught up in delays, especially with low-priced airlines.

Flight to Phong Nha - Phong Nha Private Car

The most popular airlines are Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, and Jetstar. Similar to train trips, you should reserve tickets in advance as you might get the preferred time, seats, and good prices. You will start at Da Nang International Airport and arrive at Dong Hoi Airport.


All in all, we have just introduced transfers by private car, bus, train, and airplane, from Da Nang to Phong Nha. We also give you some suggestions about good attractions to stop on the way. We hope that our travel tips on How To Go To Phong Nha From Da Nang are useful for your trip to Vietnam. Thanks for reading!

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