How To Get To Hoi An From Phong Nha?

How To Get To Hoi An From Phong Nha - Phong Nha Private Car


“How to get to Hoi An from Phong Nha?” is one of the main questions of tourists in Phong Nha about to visit Hoi An. There are too many transport services to Hoi An, which makes tourists confused about which one is the best in quality and suitable for their needs.

Understanding that problem, Phong Nha Private Car would like to give you some travel tips and advice on transportation from Phong Nha to Hoi An. We hope tourists can make the perfect decision for their trips.

Travel To Hoi An From Phong Nha

Hoi An is an ancient town located in southern-central Vietnam with many historical and cultural values. It was once a busy trading harbor in the sixteenth century. It accommodates numerous valuable constructions built hundreds of years ago, including temples, pagodas, shophouses, and other buildings.

Hoi An Ancient Town - Phong Nha Private Car

With such a rich history of cultural crossing, its buildings reflect Chinese, Japanese, French, and Vietnamese styles. Hoi An Ancient Town promises to leave tourists with a diverse experience.

Hoi An is 795 kilometers away from Hanoi to the south, 940 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City to the north, and 30 kilometers away from Da Nang City to the east-south. Besides, the Phong Nha to Hoi An distance is 343 kilometers, which takes about 6 hours by car.

With such a long distance, a good transfer matters a lot for your trip. There are some options for you, such as private cars, taxis, and buses. We will go into detail in the next parts.

Private Car Transfer

Phong Nha to Hoian private car transfer is highly recommended by many travelers thanks to its comfort and flexibility. Whenever you need, Phong Nha Private Car can provide you with a high-quality private car pick-up with an English-speaking driver.

Private car from Phong Nha to Hoi An - Phong Nha Private Car

Check it out at Phong Nha To Hoi An By Private Car (only 147 USD/car). Fill out the Booking Form and we will immediately respond to the phone number you provide. Otherwise, you can email us at or call us at +84349825119 (WhatsApp available).

Why Should You Choose A Private Car?

  • You can have a pleasant and relaxing trip in your personal space. To guarantee the best comfort for you, we provide a good-quality, safe, and reliable transfer with a skilled English-speaking driver. Plus, our cars are all clean, in good condition, and equipped with strong A/Cs.
  • Also, as a private transfer, you can decide everything on your trip from pick-up time and drop-off location to stops on the way. Make any requests about the itinerary and special needs (such as baby seats), then our travel expert will tailor the most suitable trip for you.

You will pass by many tourist attractions on the way from Phong Nha to Hoi An. With our car transfer, you can drop by these spots to do some sightseeing. (Get recommendations for places you should stop in the next part.) You can also ask to stop to have meals, drink coffee, take a picture, or do anything you want.

  • A private car trip is suitable for many people. Indeed, it’s not too boring for the young and too tiring for the elderly.
  • Last but not least, our private car offers a competitive and transparent price, without any hidden costs.

Private car to Hoian From Phong Nha - Phong Nha Private Car

Beautiful Spots From Phong Nha To Hoi An

Vinh Moc Tunnels

Vinh Moc Tunnels is a historic site of Quang Tri Province with great significance to Vietnamese history. It was once an underground miniaturized village, which was home to hundreds of Vietnamese people during the outrageous war.

Vinh Moc Tunnels Quang Tri - Phong Nha Private Car

This massive tunnel system, also the largest historical tunnel in the demilitarized zone of Vietnam, brings that difficult time to life, leaving tourists with strong feelings and a better understanding of the history.

Cua Viet Beach

This is a beautiful beach in Quang Tri Province with a white sandy coastline and pure water. The 1-kilometer beach spreads out with an eye-catching grace and pleasant views. It’s a perfect place to take a short rest and enjoy some fresh air when walking along the coastline.

Cua Viet Beach - Phong Nha Private Car

Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River

Hien Luong Bridge over the Ben Hai River was once the division between the north and the south of Vietnam during the war. Thus, it has become another important witness of Vietnamese history. When come here, you can learn somewhat about the strong will to protect the peace of the Vietnamese.

You might want to enjoy some fresh air when standing on the bridge and take some photos.

Hien Luong Bridge - Phong Nha Private Car

La Vang Church

La Vang Church, also known as La Vang Holy Land, is a national church for Vietnamese Catholics. It is located in Hai Lang District, Quang Tri Province. The church was established as the Catholics believe that Mother Mary appeared in this area in 1798 on a three-banyan tree.

It has become an important place of pilgrimage for Catholics in Vietnam.

La Vang Church - Phong Nha Private Car

Hue City

As the ancient capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty, Hue City has a load of attractions for you to see. We can name some prominent ones, such as Truong Tien BridgePerfume River, Hue Imperial City, Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue Royal Tombs, Dong Ba Market, and so on.

Hue Imperial Citadel - Phong Nha Private Car
Hue Imperial Citadel – Phong Nha Private Car

We think it might take you a couple of days to discover them all. So, for such a short trip from Phong Nha to Hoi An, we recommend you have the driver take you to the city center and take photographs of the most iconic symbols of Hue city – Perfume River and Truong Tien Bridge.

Truong Tien Bridge over Perfume River - Phong Nha Private Car
Truong Tien Bridge over Perfume River – Phong Nha Private Car

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass, or Sea Cloudy Pass, is considered the top-gear route in Vietnam, with winding roads around the mountain and breathtaking views. As a border separating Hue and Da Nang, it provides travelers with an unimaginable panorama of both areas.

It’s another wonderful place to take a short break. Moreover, there are some coffee shops here, so you can enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee in such a scenic view and take unique photos.

Hai Van Pass - Phong Nha Private Car

Da Nang City

Da Nang City has had a booming development for the last two decades, especially in tourism. Thus, there are numerous attractions to see, such as Ba Na Hills with the world-known Golden Bridge.

Yet, for a limited time, we cannot have a complete visit to Da Nang. We recommend you drop by one of the most popular attractions in this land – Marble Mountains. Here, you can explore five limestone mountains, beautiful natural scenery, and the old pagoda inside its cave.

Marble Mountains Da Nang - Phong Nha Private Car
Marble Mountains Da Nang – Phong Nha Private Car

Please note that you should not visit all the places listed on the above list. As time is limited, you should only choose some of them to add to your itinerary.

Bus Transfer

Bus is popular among tourists because of its low price. It ranges only from 12 USD/trip. However, sometimes, you have to deal with delays, careless drivers, and crowded spaces. Therefore, choosing a reliable bus supplier is very important.

How To Get To Hoi An From Phong Nha - Phong Nha Private Car

We recommend Hanh Cafe, Sinh Tourist, Queen Cafe, Camel Travel, or Hung Thanh. As their schedules are not fixed, we cannot provide detailed itineraries for you. You can go online and check their available trips 5-2 days before your preferred travel date.

Railway And Airway Transfer

Unfortunately, there are no railway stations or airports in Hoi An. If you want to go by train, you have to go from Dong Hoi Railway Station to Da Nang Railway Station or Tam Ky Station. Then, you take another road vehicle to Hoi An.

Similarly, if you want to take a flight, you can go from Dong Hoi Airport to Da Nang Airport. Then, you have another road transfer to reach Hoian.

Dong Hoi Airport - Phong Nha Private Car
Dong Hoi Airport – Phong Nha Private Car

Transfers by train are more affordable with quite uncomfortable space while airway transfers are more comfortable with more expensive costs. Yet, their common drawback is that you have to follow their schedules, which are sometimes changed and delayed.


We hope that our blog on How To Get To Hoi An From Phong Nha? will be useful for your Vietnam travel. Our team wishes you a great trip from Phong Nha to Hoi An. Thank you for reading.