How Do You Get From Phong Nha To Ha Noi


After Phong Nha with its gorgeous cave systems, would you like Ha Noi to be your next Vietnam destination? If so, are you looking for a convenient transfer from Phong Nha to Ha Noi? Is there any beautiful place that you should visit on the way?

To give you a better insight, Phong Nha Private Car will show you the 5 best transfer options that you should know.

Travel From Phong Nha To Ha Noi

Before going into details about transportation and must-see attractions on the way, you should know about Ha Noi and the route to Hanoi from Phong Nha as well.

As you may know, Ha Noi is the capital of Vietnam. It is likened to the heart of Vietnam, where you can find a lot of Vietnamese characteristics. You can enjoy from normal charm, like diverse street food, local markets, or packed roads, to stunning scenery, like historic monuments and towering buildings. It is suitable for all kinds of tourists with different interests and budgets.

How Do You Get From Phong Nha To Ha Noi - Phong Nha Private Car

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To reach Hanoi from Phong Nha, it takes you a long trip. Indeed, the Phong Nha to Ha Noi distance is about 500 kilometers. With this distance, you will spend about 8 hours driving by car. For more details, take a look at the Phong Nha to Hanoi map:

Transport Options From Phong Nha To Ha Noi

With such a long distance, you should have a comfortable and convenient vehicle to transfer you through it. Obviously, comfort and safety should be the top criteria for your travel. You will not want to get exhausted after a long trip and have no energy left for your Hanoi discovery.

Let’s go into further details so that you can decide which one is suitable for you.

Private Car

Many travelers prefer private car transfer thanks to its comfort, safety, and flexibility. When booking a private car, you can choose departure times, pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as stopovers along the way.

Phong Nha to Hanoi private car - Phong Nha Private Car

If you are interested, check out our Phong Nha to Ha Noi by private car (only 260 USD/car). Phong Nha Private Car is proud to be one of the most reliable travel agencies specializing in car transfers. We provide high-quality transfer services that put customers’ satisfaction on top.

Some good reasons to choose us:

  • Our private car transfer gives you a punctual, door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service.
  • The departure time, pick-up, and drop-off locations are totally up to you.
  • You can ask to stop at any place you want (for a short rest, sightseeing, coffee, meals, and so on).
  • Our private cars are all-new, up-to-date, and clean, with comfortable seats, strong A/Cs, free Wi-Fi, bottled water, and wet tissues.
  • The drivers are all skilled, friendly, helpful, and able to speak basic English.
  • We are always online 24/7 to support you immediately via Whatsapp at +84349825119.
  • Our prices are reasonable and transparent without hidden costs.
  • We do not require a pre-deposit. You can pay for our driver after arriving at your hotel in Hanoi.

If you want to make a booking or get advice for your trip, contact us via email at or WhatsApp at +84349825119.

Phong Nha to Ha Noi private car - Phong Nha Private Car

Shuttle Bus

As the most affordable transport, the shuttle bus from Phong Nha to Ha Noi is the common choice among tourists. Mostly, buses have toilets, quite comfy seats or sleeper seats, with sometimes A/Cs and free Wi-Fi. Obviously, newer buses with more amenities cost a bit more. In general, a bus trip is still cheaper than other options.

Phong Nha To Ha Noi bus - Phong Nha Private Car

However, when taking a bus trip, you have to share the space with other people, occasionally meet careless drivers, and follow its schedule. You can refer to our Bus Phong Nha To Ha Noi (15 USD/pax) or below suggestions:

BusDeparture locationPrice
Techbus VN JSC (VIP Sleeper)Phong Nha Central Backpackers Hostel15-23 USD/pax
Hung Thanh BusHung Thanh Bus Station15-17 USD/pax
Queen Cafe BusPhong Nha Central Backpackers Hostel15 USD/pax
GrouptourSSB Phong Nha15 USD/pax

Please note that the above information is just a suggestion. As shuttle buses vary in drop-off locations and departure times, we can not provide you with further details. You should go to online booking websites or apps to check their available options on the day you intend to go.


Going to Hanoi from Phong Nha by train is another good option, especially for travelers with much luggage. Trains in Vietnam are mainly run by Vietnam Railways, a state-owned operator.

The schedule of Phong Nha to Ha Noi trains covers nearly all times in a day, but no more than 10 trips. You can also check its availability on online websites. Its prices range from 23 to 483 USD/trip, depending on quality and peak times. Besides, for locations, you will depart at Dong Hoi Station and arrive at Hanoi Railway Station.

Ha Noi Railway Station - Phong Nha Private Car
Ha Noi Railway Station – Phong Nha Private Car

So, it’s quite limited and inflexible, but at least you will have a safe trip with decent amenities once you successfully book the tickets.


Certainly, an airplane trip is the most time-saving of all. Yet, you must arrive early (40 minutes up to 2 hours in advance) and sometimes face inconvenient delays (mainly with low-priced airway brands). Although flights have the highest price, its facilities are good.

VietJet Air and Vietnam Airlines are the two main suppliers for the Phong Nha to Hanoi route. You will start at Dong Hoi Airport and arrive at Noi Bai International Airport.

Highlight Attractions On The Way

The landscape from Phong Nha to Ha Noi is full of charm that will satisfy your eyes. If you choose private cars or taxis, you can even drop by those places for a while. Here are some suggestions for you:

Cua Lo Beach

Cua Lo Beach is a beautiful beach located in Nghe An Province. Despite being alongside the urban area, it keeps a lush tree-lined landscape and clear water. It is also well-known for gorgeous islands sticking out of the water.

Cua Lo Beach Nghe An - Phong Nha Private Car
Cua Lo Beach Nghe An – Phong Nha Private Car

Sen Village – Kim Lien Village

Another must-see place in Nghe An is Sen Village, also known as Kim Lien Village. This peaceful village is located at Kim Lien Town in Nam Dan District, about 20 kilometers from Vinh City of Nghe An. Although Sen Village is just a simple countryside, it has a big significance: the motherland of Ho Chi Minh President, the greatest leader of Vietnam.

Lang Sen Village - Phong Nha Private Car
Sen Village Nghe An – Phong Nha Private Car

Annually, thousands of travelers visit this attraction to learn about the childhood of Uncle Ho and express their respect for the mighty father of the Vietnamese race.

Ninh Binh Province

Ninh Binh Province has one of the most diverse topography in Vietnam with mountains spreading in the west and northwest. It creates a splendid landscape, giving tourists various must-see attractions.

Ninh Binh Vietnam - Phong Nha Private Car

Some natural spots highly recommended by many visitors are Tam Coc-Bich Dong, Mua Cave, Van Long Nature Reserve, Dich Long, Hoa Son, Tien Caves, Van Trinh Grotto, and so on. Also, you shouldn’t miss other special landscapes, such as Hoa Lu ancient capital, Trang An Ecotourism Complex, Cuc Phuong National Park, and more.


In brief, we have provided some travel tips for your upcoming trips from Phong Nha to Ha Noi. We hope that our blog is helpful for you. Finally, we wish you an exciting trip to Vietnam. Thanks for reading!

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