• Privacy Policy customer personal information

To ensure safety and security PHONG NHA PRIVATE CAR customer information, PHONG NHA PRIVATE CAR given Privacy Policy personal information (Privacy Policy) for organizations and individuals dealing with the company. Privacy Policy personal information PHONG NHA PRIVATE CAR synthesis, storage, use and protection of personal information of customers.
We may modify, update and supplement this policy at any time. The revision takes effect at the time we update.
Privacy policy Once updated, customers still use PHONG NHA PRIVATE CAR means customers who understand and agree with the new privacy policy.

• The purpose and scope of information gathering

The personal information of members, may be we use legitimate purposes below:
– Used to confirm the order when guests wish to purchase any available public sp
– Use of notification, implementation of promotions, PR for the new services to be used on the website
+ Providing information services by email,
+ Used to analyze consumer trends of our customers, with the aim of building new services, or improve the old service.
+ Used to communicate with our members when investigating customer information, sales promotion, information exchange opinions on the board reviews, comments.
+ Used to answer customer questions, we will answer members by email, phone, or mail to the address of the member, the member questions.

• About the collection of personal information

We also ask customers to provide some additional information that we can use to complete customer service or identification and risk management.

• On the exact requirements of personal information

PHONG NHA PRIVATE CAR in data processing of personal information provided. Therefore, customers are responsible for providing accurate personal information and are updated with new information. Also, we are not responsible for resolving any disputes if the customer information provided discrepancies, inaccurate or forged.

• On the storage and security of personal information

Through this policy, we use the term “personal information” to describe information associated to a particular individual and can be used to identify the individual.

We kept confidential and personal information of customers at the company and ensure safety. Detailed information of the customer such as name, age, address, phone number and email will be stored in order to ensure the interests of the client when using the service.
Time storage of personal information of customers’ personal information will be kept customers from the start the service until the end of service.
Our company ensures the safety of the personal information of customers when they register and use the service at PHONG NHA PRIVATE CAR.
In the case of companies being attacked gives rise to the risk of loss of consumer information, the company will notify the authorities within 24 (twenty four) hours after discovering the problem.

• Time information storage

We will store the personal information provided by customers in the internal systems of us in the process of providing services to the Client or until complete collection purposes or when the customer has asked cancellations of information provided.

• About the use of personal information

We are committed to only using internal information in accordance with the goals set out.

All the personal information of customers, as well as information exchange between customers and PHONG NHA PRIVATE CAR are stored and security. We use the information provided to customers:
-Provide Services to customers.
-Send Messages about the operation of information exchange between customers and PHONG NHA PRIVATE CAR.
-With Touch and deal with customers in special cases.

• The address of the unit to collect and manage personal information

Address: 1 Truong Phap, Dong Hoi City
Tell / Fax: 02343 511 333 Hotline: + 84-935 75 3336

• Commitment to personal information security clients

hip customer information security is an absolute commitment to policies protecting personal information. The collection and use of information for each customer is only done when there is the consent of the client, unless otherwise required to provide the competent authority in love cau. Khong use, no transfer, supply acute or disclosed to 3rd parties any personal information about members in the absence of permission from the members agree.

In the case of information storage server hacker attacks resulting in the loss of personal data members, the website administrator will be responsible for informing the matter to the authorities to promptly investigate and handle notifications members are known for.

In cases where customers discovered personal information being used for improper purposes or is compromised, visitors